5 ways to leverage Pinterest for your business

I’m a self-confessed Pinterestaholic! It’s lots of fun, as any good social networking site should be, but it is also great for small businesses who use social media and here’s why:

  1. You can file all your favourite blog articles in one board via your pinned piccys. Everything you pin from a blog or website is linked back to that blog, including recipes, craft ideas, ‘how to’ guides and business tips.
  2. You can create boards to promote a cause. If you are passionate about organic food, you can create a board dedicated to pinning about organic food, organic farming and more. If you’re into upcycling, you can have an upcycling board. I do! I’ve created a “My Work at Home World” board where I can pin stuff related to working from home and business. I’ve pinned some of my favourite products on there from Support a work at home members, followers and sponsors as well as useful business tips, infographics and more.
  3. You can share your pins on Facebook and Twitter! I often look on Pinterest for fun, cute and humorous quotes and pics to post on the Support a work at homefan page and on twitter.
  4. You can build community with your followers on Facebook who are also on Pinterest. Pinterest is an awesome tool for community building because you are getting to know your followers in a completely new and interesting way.
  5. You can use Pinterest boards to organise your thoughts and ideas. I’ve been using Pinterest to establish what my home decorating style is, where I’d like to travel and what thoughts and ideas resonate with me.

Some rules of thumb:

  • If you are going to have a board which is all about you and your stuff, declare it. Pinterest is primarily a curation site. So, overselling your stuff is not cricket. However, if you want to organise your thoughts or catalogue your stuff, so long as you declare it as completely self indulgent, nobody will care much–but don’t expect too many repins.
  • Do repin from others you know and don’t know. It shows you’re interested in what others are finding interesting, which in turns makes you seem more interesting… Catch my drift?
  • Don’t overpin. If something has been pinned on one board, it’s okay to pin it on another but not on every board. That’s just boring.
  • Keep your keywords in mind when coming up with board titles. They’ll be easier to find in a search.

If you want to participate in a our work at home cause on Pinterest, just create a board and use the words ‘work at home’ or ‘work at home ‘ in the title so others can find it in a search. We’ll be pinning up a storm in February when we celebrate International work at home Week (Feb 5 to 11). Join us! It’s lots of fun!

What are your Pinterest tips? Do you need an invite? Comment below!

Until next time… Cas. Find me on Pinterest!

  • http://ilivcards.com.au Amanda Birth Announcements

    I really need to get into this more. I am still not really sure how it all works :), but hope to learn. Just another thing to keep up with LOL

    • http://www.supportawahp.com Cas

      It is very addictive. I mainly use it for fun, for ideas on craft activities etc but now I’ve started using it to share content and images that help other work at home parents and to promote the work of WAHPs. My advice is to get a feel for it first and use it for personal use first and foremost. Don’t over pin your own stuff and make sure you get the Pin It button for your browser so you can pin interesting articles (their links always attach to the images).

  • http://babycardsnow.com.au/baby-thank-you-cards Andrew (Baby Thank You Cards)

    I agree. Pinterest is an interesting site and lots of people can do interesting things there.