Marketing your event using the high school musical principle

Hands up if you’ve ever been in a high school musical? Now hands up if you’ve gone to one as an audience member? Chances are, if you’ve been to high school, you’ve done one or both and so have your friends, your mum and dad, your grandma and your dog. Years ago when I was working at the Woodford Folk Festival, Director Bill Hauritz told me his secret to marketing success. He dubbed it the high school musical principle. Here’s how it works:

What’s your biggest challenge as a work at home person?

You chose to work from home so you could spend more time with your family, right? How’s that working out for you? Do you sometimes feel like you have a love affair with your computer instead? When you work from home the boundaries between work time and family time are less clear cut, so if you want to honour the reasons you started a work at home business in the first place, you need to be self-disciplined. Here are 5 quick tips that might help:

Who are you aligned with?

This morning I had a phone call from another business wanting to work with me on a project. After listening to her for quite some time I felt the need to tell her that I didn’t feel working with her in the way she wanted was in alignment with my business philosophy and I wished her well. I should have ended the conversation there and then, but the people pleaser inside failed to hang up.

Networking on Facebook to improve engagement


In the past few months there has been a real trend towards trying to gain as many “likers” as possible under the premise that more likers=more prominence, credibility etc. In this article I’d like to talk about the idea of engagement as a networking tool. How can you network with other businesses so that genuine “likes” (and therefore leads) result?

Blogging when you’re not confident with words

A business colleague of mine recently expressed frustration that he had to rely on others to write blog posts and Facebook status updates for him as he wasn’t a confident writer. He felt he couldn’t blog or engage in social media effectively as a result. So, today I thought I’d share some tips on blogging when […]

Sourcing products for a party plan business

A few weeks ago a fan wrote to us asking us if we had any advice on how to source merchandise for a homewares party plan business. As neither Erica or I sell party plan homewares, we thought it would be a good idea to take that question to WAHPs following our Facebook page. One of the businesses that responded to our call out for help, sent us this…