PODCAST: If you have an idea, share it! Solo episode with Cas McCullough (Ep 37)

Episode 37 Share Your Idea

Cas shares her story about how she won up to $100K in seed funding for her new startup Writally. Be inspired to share your ideas and stop holding yourself back and self-sabotaging your success! About the Podcast If you’ve thought about or recently made the leap into entrepreneurship, but you’re finding the journey overwhelming, I […]

The power of podcast reviews

Review the podcast. Win a mentoring session!

When you’re in business you understand the power of a good recommendation. We can say lots of nice things about ourselves, but when praise comes from others, that often seals the deal for prospective customers. Similarly, reviews can make or break a podcast. On iTunes, if your show attracts positive ratings and reviews, your show […]

Mumpreneur shares tips on running a home based business with your partner

This week Cas interviewed Alison Dias-Laverty shares some golden tips on how to run a home based business with your partner.

The challenges of relocating your business to a new country

Ever wonder what it’s like to relocate your business to a whole new country and start over? Well, have a read of this week’s interview with Holistic Homeopathy’s Agimary Joseph as she shares her story in the Kitchen Bench Business Tales. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am Agimary, a […]

From Redundancy To Creating Dream Brands

This week Cas interviewed graphic designer, Natalie Souprounovich. Natalie shares her story of how she started her boutique design business after being made redundant, and her tips for working around family. Tell us a little about the person behind the business? I am a senior level designer with 15 years experience. My passion is designing […]

Need help with Facebook Contests? Just ask Donna!

This week I interviewed Donna Hamer from Fanpage Competitions. Donna shares her inspiring story, awesome tips for WAHPs and her passion for helping small businesses use Facebook to grow their following and client-base.

In the Spotlight: Hollie Sparrow from Daily Baby Buys

Daily Baby Buys was created in August 2011. I was regularly sending products to the US (another one of my businesses) for the Baby Deal site (they have many) to try and get my product into the US market. I always wondered why we didn’t have anything like that here, so I sat down with my two business partners at the time to nut out the finer details and build the website.