PODCAST: Web Marketing That Works, and Influencer Marketing with Tim Tams, an interview with Adam Franklin (Episode 6)

Adam Franklin

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast Show! Adam Franklin spills the beans on his book Web Marketing That Works (co-authored with Toby Jenkins) and shares his best tips on website development (for both developers and clients), marketing strategies that work, and a surprising winning influencer marketing strategy that involves two Aussie delights: Tim […]

PODCAST: Why retreat? The benefits of self care, an interview with Tammie Day (Episode 5)

Tammie Day from Vibrant Women

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast Show! In this episode I interviewed Tammy Day about Why retreat? The benefits of self care. Tammy shares her unique insights about why looking after yourself and taking time out is important and why women sometimes put themselves last on the list. Be inspired to look after […]

PODCAST: On work, life, escaping corporate culture, and modern marketing, interview with Susan Popovski (Episode 3)

Susan Popovski from SP Communications

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast Show! In this episode I interviewed Susan Popovski about breaking free of the Mummy Track and juggling it all. Susan shares her insights on corporate culture and why women leave the workforce plus tips and insights on how to juggle work and life. She also shares her […]

PODCAST: Why setting boundaries is good for your solo business, interview with Nicole Leedham (Episode 1)

Nicole Leedham -- Copywriter

Welcome to the Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast Show! This is my very first episode! In this episode I interviewed Nicole Leedham from Black Coffee Communications. We had a great chat about establishing boundaries when you run your own business from home and how to better manage your time. Nicole also shared tips on how to get […]

Women entrepreneurs, look after you!

that moment when... you overdo it

It’s so easy to forget to look after yourself properly when you’re an entrepreneur, a mum, a kids taxi service, a partner (name your thing here!) This morning I woke up in a daze because I’ve been surviving on very little sleep while I prepare for my book launch. Not only am I launching the […]

Forget the cake. Take the whole damn cake shop!

Forget the cake. Take the whole cake shop!

Recently, a family member criticised my entrepreneurial lifestyle. I was told, quote unquote: “You can’t expect, as a single mother, to go out to events and conferences. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Yes, they really said that! The comment was flipped my way during a particularly busy month. I’d been nominated […]