“Mum, you work too much!” The words no work-at-home mum wants to hear!

“Mum, you work too much!” Those words weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear from my 11-year-old but he was not the only one frustrated by my work load…So when my son blurted out those words, as painful as they were to hear, I knew I had to do something. It was a stark reminder to take breaks, and turn myself off from my work world to be present to my family’s needs. Does anybody else find that difficult?

Kickin’ the goals!

I am reading “The Success Principals” by Jack Canfield at the moment and am loving the motivational messages and encouraging words. However, I am up to the chapter on goals and it has left me feeling a little anxious. I’m big on goal setting, always have been, but lately I feel overwhelmed at the idea of committing my goals to paper and giving them a use by date (as Jack recommends in the book).

Staying the course after startup

Recently, on our not-for-profit (NFP) posting day on Facebook, someone posted a comment half-joking that they felt like their business was not-for-profit. While we may laugh, I think a lot of us can relate to the feeling that we pour our heart, souls and money into our businesses but wonder when the return on our investment is going to happen.

Creating sustainability: the handmade revolution

Having just returned from a trip to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, I am feeling inspired to get creative again but I’m also feeling inspired to spread awareness about buying and creating handmade grassroots arts and craft. One thing I love about Support a WAHP is the huge number of craft businesses we have featured on the facebook page and website on a weekly basis. Grassroots arts and craft businesses have become more prolific in the past few years.