What do you want from your business?


Guest blogger Helen Lindop of Business Plus Baby asks: What do you want from your business? Yes, I know, work that fits around your kids! But let’s be a little more specific. Are you… Aiming to make some extra money to top up your family’s income? A stay-at-home-mum who has started a business because you […]

“Mum, you work too much!” The words no work-at-home mum wants to hear!

“Mum, you work too much!” Those words weren’t exactly what I wanted to hear from my 11-year-old but he was not the only one frustrated by my work load…So when my son blurted out those words, as painful as they were to hear, I knew I had to do something. It was a stark reminder to take breaks, and turn myself off from my work world to be present to my family’s needs. Does anybody else find that difficult?