Marketing your event using the high school musical principle

Hands up if you’ve ever been in a high school musical? Now hands up if you’ve gone to one as an audience member? Chances are, if you’ve been to high school, you’ve done one or both and so have your friends, your mum and dad, your grandma and your dog. Years ago when I was working at the Woodford Folk Festival, Director Bill Hauritz told me his secret to marketing success. He dubbed it the high school musical principle. Here’s how it works:

It’s simple really. Host an event that gets a lot of people involved in some way and then get them to promote the event to their family, friends and following. It’s not rocket science and judging by the packed high school auditoriums come musical night, it works.

The high school musical principle works in social media too. Get people involved with your event, give them the tools to help them share the info and watch your message go viral.

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