PODCAST: Multi-millionnaire Mike O’Hagan on entrepreneurship, outsourcing and global change (Ep 20)


In Episode 20, I talk to Mike O’Hagan, a serial entrepreneur, multimillionaire who quit school at 14 and worked in every job under the sun until he was 28 when he started his first business. He became an entrepreneur at 34 with the advent of Mini-movers, and has since gone on to own at least 7 other businesses. Mike has a passion to help free people from thinking they have to work hard to make money and live a life they love. Now based in the Philippines, Mike has become an expert at offshore outsourcing and in this interview today he talks about his journey, the massive worldwide shift that is happening in employment, and what opportunities abound as a result. This is a rare opportunity to get inside the mind of a massively successful entrepreneur. Let’s go!

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About Mike O’Hagan

For the first 10 years of Mikes work life he worked for 35 different employers. In his words “I’m a product of the many really bad, and the few good, employers I worked for”.

This background helped to influence Mike to “do it differently” in business.

His business career started with buying and selling goods as a second-hand dealer. 8 years later the entrepreneur in Mike surfaced when he launched a short distance furniture removal business. This evolved into MiniMovers. MiniMovers is today an innovative market leader, growing from an initial investment of $200 and a Ute, to an annual turnover exceeding $21 million with over 350 employees.

Mike also has interests in a number of other businesses.

Mike is a Life Member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM). He has been on various Government committees including a Small Business Advisory Panel to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia and a term as a Commissioner on the Australian FairPay Commission, charged with the responsibility of setting the minimum pay for workers in Australia. He is also on the National Board of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

His business MiniMovers is also the recipient of many Employer of the Year awards as well as 2003 Telstra Small Business of the year.

To keep “on the edge” Mike completed a 3 year Entrepreneurs Masters Program at MIT in Boston USA. This gave him an insight into the new Globalised World. As a result several of his business interests today are Internationally based. His expertise is in GlobalSourcing, Process Systemising with a bent towards Marketing.

In his spare time, Mike encourages more Entrepreneurship by running Business Learning Tours in Manila, Philippines. Check the comments at www.mikesmanilatours.com

Connect with Mike

Takeaways from episode 20

  • Most highly successful entrepreneurs, we failed at school. You can’t learn entrepreneurship at school.
  • Don’t get trapped into the way everybody else thinks.
  • The education system teaches you to be a worker not an entrepreneur.
  • Massive global change is coming. Complaining about it is a complete waste of time. Businesses have to adapt. Look at it carefully, see the opportunity in it and go with it.
  • SMEs grow through people sharing knowledge, talking to each other and working out better ways to get ahead.
  • Outsourcing is booming but you have to do it well.
  • As you grow your business, one of the skills you need to acquire, and it is a learned skill, is how to be a good employer.
  • How do you connect with your people, how do you enthuse them?
  • Belong to business groups and learn from your entrepreneurial peers. Attend groups that have business owners.
  • Leadership is very much what it’s about.

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