PODCAST: On taking your business anywhere, taking responsibility and telling your story (Episode 14)

Belinda Weaver on the Your Brilliant Un-Career PodcastWelcome to Episode 14 of the Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast Show! Belinda Weaver is an Aussie entrepreneur and copywriter currently living in Silicon Valley with her partner and 18 month old daughter. Belinda and I covered a lot of ground, from taking your business on the road to taking responsibility for how you interact with clients. Belinda threw in a few choice copywriting tips too! If you want to know how you can make business work with family and the lifestyle you want, then you’ll love this episode.

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Welcome to Your Brilliant Un-Career, the podcast show.

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About Belinda  Belinda Weaver

Before building Copywrite Matters into a successful copywriting business, Belinda spent years developing and implementing marketing strategies. She took many campaigns from idea to execution before realising copywriting was the practice she enjoyed most. Over the years Belinda learned what works and what doesn’t.

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Takeaways from episode 14

  • The beauty of having a business you can take anywhere is when you pick it up and take it anywhere.
  • What most of us do is transport ourselves all the way to our home office and create a job for ourselves.
  • Own your mistakes. What are you responsible for? What are your clients responsible for?
  • Clear communication is really important.
  • Say why you’re in the business, what values drive you and what you can do. This tells potential clients what you’re like to work with.
  • Telling stories and being conversation and being you will get you far more results than anything else.
  • If people visited your homepage only, would they get an understanding of what it is you offer, why you’re different and what you’d be like to work with?

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  • http://www.copywritematters.com.au/subscribe-copy-detective/ Belinda Weaver

    Thanks for having me on Cas!

    • http://www.casmccullough.com/ Cas McCullough

      You’re so welcome Belinda! :-)