PODCAST: Is your lifestyle business a problem for your family, health and happiness? Interview with Darren Rowse (Ep 36)

Episode 36 with Darren Rowse

A couple of years ago Darren Rowse made a small change that created a big impact on his life and business. He went for a walk. Listen in as Darren and I talk about keeping a balance between work and family in your lifestyle business, how exercise can help you come up with brilliant ideas and how doing something transformative can keep you motivated, even when the going gets tough. We also talk about Problogger, blogging, blog revival and overcoming performance anxiety. If you need encouragement and inspiration to create a lifestyle business that is in harmony with your family and your own wellbeing, this is the episode for you!

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About Darren

In 2002 Darren started his first ever blog – not knowing that what would start as a personal hobby site would grow into a full-time profession and multi-million dollar business.

Since that time Darren has been involved in publishing over 30 blogs but now is active on two as founder and editor:

  • Digital-Photography-School.com – photography tips, camera reviews and photoshop tutorials
  • ProBlogger.net – a blog teaching others how to build successful blogs

His two main blogs are read by over 4.5 million unique visitors a month. Together they have over 250,000 forum members and 1,000,000 subscribers.

Also connected to ProBlogger the blog is the ProBlogger Job Boards where companies advertise for bloggers and ProBlogger.com – a premium community for bloggers.

Connect with Darren

Takeaways from Episode 36

  • Since I started a business I’d been putting things on hold and spending less time on exercise and less time on me. Walking made me feel better.
  • The more I talk about that, the more I realise other entrepreneurs face that challenge too.
  • It’s very easy to get distracted on and obsessed to the point where the things we know we should be focusing on, we let slip.
  • I felt really guilty about taking a walk every day at first, so I just basically said, ‘I’m going to start working while I walk.’ For me that was about listening to podcasts and audiobooks and getting some inspiration and input.
  • We probably need silence and just time to think. I’ve slowly built into my walks time for me. It gives me energy for the rest of the day too.
  • I’m at my best when I allow myself a little bit of white space to do nothing, to rest, watch television and have mind-numbing time.
  • I write best when I’m inspired and it just flows out of me wanting to talk and communicate. A lot of my ideas come from readers. Probably for me where I get the inspiration from, the drive to write the content is more from the live interactions I have with people, so running an event is a big source of inspiration and motivation for me.
  • Live streaming is probably the other thing to jump on to be able to bounce off people’s ideas. It opens up conversation in a way that I’ve never been able to do before.
  • I’ve certainly fallen in and out of love with live streaming at different times. I could easily have spent my whole day on Blab. I saw a lot of other people spending a lot of time on Blab particularly.
  • I definitely find the temptation is to spend time looking at the tools. There’s something in it where you just want to be involved in every conversation. I think it’s just that you fear missing out on something.
  • People’s thirst for useful content needs to be front and centre of my mind as a blogger.
  • The two blogs that Darren has stuck with are the ones he was most interested in.
  • You do need to stick at things and I had to stick at things for a few years before I hit that tipping point. But sometimes you need to give up. There’s different reasons to give up early so there’s definitely a place for it.
  • On blog revival: I think you do need to do more work to catch up if you revive a blog. For me it’s ultimately family first and if it means putting something on hold for your own wellbeing or your family’s wellbeing, then I’m certainly a big believer in that.
  • I’ve seen some bloggers over the years really blog at the expense of their families and have paid the ultimate cost through broken relationships, and family breakdowns and kids growing up without them, particularly with bloggers who hit the bigtime. Blogging as a business ends up taking them away from their families.
  • I fit it all in by saying ‘No’ to a lot more than I say ‘Yes’ to.
  • On his podcasting journey: I need to monitor my energy levels quite a bit but when you’re podcasting you’re talking into a microphone so it doesn’t take up as much energy.
  • Do different things that allow you to do what you love without draining you.
  • What I find draining is establishing new relationships. It’s when I walk into a room and I know no one I find that not only terrifying but draining. I’m quite fine to hang with people I know well.
  • I slip into a different mode when on stage. I discovered I could do that when I was 10 years old and had to pretend to be Elvis Presley.
  • I realised, as a teenager, the thing that excited me the most was when what I did changed someone’s life in some way. Those are the moments I remember about my childhood and teenage years. I wanted to make a difference to people. I wanna change people’s lives. That was my goal growing up and that has just continued in what I’ve done since.

Darren’s Making the Leap tips:

  1. Do something transformative with your business. You are going to have tough times but you need to have something that motivates you to get through those tough times. If you’re changing people’s lives they will want to come back to you again and again.
  2. Let that come out in everything you do. A lot of people understand their why but they don’t communicate their why.
  3. I often hear people preach from the stage that you need to have big dreams and follow your dream at all cost. I’ve also heard stories of people who’ve taken irresponsible steps. I’ve seen people give up their jobs to become full time bloggers when they didn’t have an income from it yet. If you have kids and family you need to take that into account. You don’t have to do just one big leap. It could be a series of small leaps.


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