Positioning yourself for success

successsqBy Nic Jones

Did you know that building success in a business isn’t just about the time and money you put into it? The level of your success can come down to the way you position yourself as a person and the mindset you have.

There is such a huge focus on personal development these days, on setting your mind on the right track and enabling these things to push you toward success.

Why is that?  Well quite simply, you are what you eat!  Yep that’s right. The way you look after yourself physically, the things you listen to, the people you hang around, and the way you live your life all contribute to your success as a person and in turn your success as a business person.

Here’s some ways you can ensure you’re positioned for success:

1. Feed your mind with positive and inspiring words

Darren Hardy, one of the most successful people in the world, says part of the prep for his day is in feeding his mind. He also ends the day with ten pages from an inspirational or motivational book.   So why not turn off the TV earlier and feed your mind something positive that will enable you further success and encourage you to think big.

2. Networking – many of us work from home for ourselves, and it can become lonely and difficult at times. 

Getting out and meeting other business owners can be very rewarding, inspiring and also good for your business in the sense that you’re meeting new people and forming new work relationships.

My experience of networking events has been very positive. I’ve met other business owners who provide different services to what I offer, and I’ve been able to pass on work when it’s come in. On top of that, you will walk away feeling very empowered!

3. Keep an eye on the things that influence you.  

Do you have people around you that believe in you, that tell you that you can do it, get behind you and support you? Sadly, many small business owners don’t! So it’s equally important to surround yourself with people who encourage you!  Some of the most successful people in the world even go to the extreme of not watching the news or reading the papers. Facebook can also be quite a negative influence. You’re better off spending that time feeding your mind with helpful and motivational things.

4. Have a big business mentality

I’ve talked to many business owners in the last few years, and many of them call themselves JUST work from home people. Do you know there is nothing JUST about that? What you are doing is significant! You’re not just a backyard work from home person hoping to make some extra money. Begin to think big; see yourself as a big business, a successful organisation. Take your business, your branding, your product or service, YOUR TIME and VALUE seriously, charge accordingly and spend your time accordingly. There is nothing more de-motivating and depressing than feeling like you’re working for $10 an hour. You’re worth more, so charge your worth!

For many, their businesses are their sole income, the difference between being able to see their kids off to school in the morning and having to put their kids into childcare. What you do is significant. You are significant. So position yourself for success, take yourself seriously, and let’s win in business together.