Search for quality boutique mum and baby-focused retailers sparks home business

Natrice GrosvenorThis week Cas talked to Natrice Grosvenor from Marli and Me Online Children’s Marketplace. Natrice shares her passion finding hidden talent in the mum and baby boutique marketplace and some awesome productivity tips for work at home parents.

Tell us a little about the person behind the business?

I am a mother, wife, daughter, marketing manager, wine enthusiast, washer, chief cook, runner, swimmer, fixer of all broken toys — the most appropriate title depends on the time of day.

And now a little about the business itself? is a shopping destination for babies, children and women’s products like no other. An award-winning marketplace composed of individual shops showcasing their goods, all in one convenient, safe, easy to use site.

Bringing buyers and sellers together to create a community of likeminded people. Discover. Connect. Shop. We have some funky, fun, gorgeous and unique products showcased, come and see for yourself, we know you’ll fall in love with something. You can also join our community at

How did you come up with your business name?

We wanted to be unique and have the name of a boy and girl to give the marketplace an identity and soul.

marli and mo marketplaceWhat made you want to begin a Work at Home business and how did you get started?

It all started with a cracking idea, (over a coffee and cake of course…) I needed to get back to work, but didn’t want to sacrifice the importance of being there for my babies.

On the internet, hiding away in little nooks and crannies, are some really great small businesses with some truly amazing products for babies, children, mums-to-be and, in fact, whole families. If only there was a place, a nice easy-to-navigate place, where these little gems could be put on dazzling display.

A place where the people who want that unique gift, or everyday essential for their family can find them – with no fuss and no wasting of precious time. A place where truly beautiful products can be found. A place crammed full of the best talent Australia has to offer for the little people (and some things for the big people who look after the little people, too). Well, now there is… Marli&Mo’s Online Marketplace, a purpose-built, online marketplace composed of individual shops showcasing their goods, all in one convenient, safe, easy-to-use site.

We aim to connect designers, entrepreneurs and retailers directly with targeted consumers, providing both the retailers and the customers with a safe, convenient way to shop; a one-stop-shop!

We believe in keeping life simple for our customers, and creating a truly warm experience where you can find everything you need in one easy place. This simple idea is the heart and soul of our company, and it’s the reason we continue to innovate and develop new ideas to grow our site and support our local small business owners.

Our marketplace is continually evolving as we discover even more handmade, unique design talent, right here in Australia.

What inspires you to keep your business going?

I believe wholeheartedly that my business will succeed in helping other boutique businesses throughout Australia. It also helps that I am a very driven and focused person and have the support of some fantastic people.

How do you advertise your business and which methods have proven more successful?

We advertise within social media, forums, sites that are parent/family friendly and word of mouth.

Do you have a current best-selling product or service? If yes, tell us about it.

We are getting more and more fantastic businesses joining daily with some innovative and gorgeous products. Our community is continually evolving.

How do you juggle your family and your Home Based Business? Any tips for other home based women entrepreneurs?

Don’t try to be great at everything, focus on one thing at a time and nail that. Cherish the time with your children and have quality time with them. Try not to have mummy guilt, your children will cherish the fact that they have had memorable moments with you.

And finally, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to start a home based business?

Do your research, rinse and repeat. Ensure you cover all your bases. Network, network, network – you gain valuable insight and inspiration as well as support from other people who have been down the road before you. Don’t forget to take a breath when it all happens. It’s not going to happen overnight, but with patience and persistence it will.

Connect with Natrice:

Name: Natrice Grosvenor

Business: Marli & Mo Online Children’s Marketplace




Location: Brisbane, Australia (servicing Australia-wide)