The power of podcast reviews

When you’re in business you understand the power of a good recommendation. We can say lots of nice things about ourselves, but when praise comes from others, that often seals the deal for prospective customers. Similarly, reviews can make or break a podcast.

Review the podcast. Win a mentoring session!
Review the podcast. Win a mentoring session! Read on for more info!

On iTunes, if your show attracts positive ratings and reviews, your show gets featured more prominently. But, let me tell you a secret. This doesn’t just benefit the podcaster. It has a flow-on effect. It benefits you too, especially if you are a business owner. Why?

Why Reviews are Great for Podcasters and You

  • Because, the podcaster is likely to check you out, share your review and publicly say thanks.
  • Because, by supporting a quality show you help make it better for everyone. The more prominent the show, the more likely the show is to attract awesome guest speakers.
  • Because, well, it will make you feel good :-)

Okay, I’m running out of other reasons but I’m sure there are some more.

In any case, my new podcast has just launched. It’s free and packed full of business nuggets to help you make the leap into entrepreneurship. To celebrate the launch I’m holding a Leave a Review. Win a Mentoring Session comp!

To enter the Leave a Review, Win a Mentoring Session Competition:

  • Simply subscribe to the show on iTunes, and if you like it, leave a review on iTunes here:
  • Share the podcast with your friends on social media. Here’s a pre-prepared Tweet! Tweet: Check out Your Brilliant Un-Career, the podcast show for savvy entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs with host @casmccullough @uncareer #uncareer
  • Use the hashtag #uncareer to let me know that you’ve left a review!

The best review in February will win a one-on-one marketing mentoring session with me valued at $250 (what I actually charge, not an inflated rate).

Easy Peasy! Can’t wait to read your review!

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    Nice twist on the power of reviews! I think we often forget about the good it actually does ourselves when we praise others.

    By the way, have you seen My Podcast Reviews? It helps podcasters to get more reviews by showing them their international reviews, so they can thank those reviewers and get more reviews! You may also like it since you’re running a contest and requiring a review for entry.

    • Cas McCullough

      Awesome! Thanks for the tip Daniel!