Turn Around Your Micro Business in Just 3 Weeks!
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Are you doing it tough as a micro business owner?
If sales are slow and your engagement on social media is NOT leading more customers to your door, then I want to show you how you can turn that around in just three weeks!
Create your amazing, limitless, successful, brilliant adventure
While it may seem like the Internet is full of success stories, most of us are facing ever increasing competition for eyeballs on social media. It's near impossible to get engagement on Facebook without advertising and harder to keep up with the massive overload of free stuff brands give away to meet the demands of content-hungry consumers.

Are you wondering if it’s all worth it?

If you love what you do, the last thing you need is to waste another cent on dubious tactics and programs that simply don't offer you a return on investment--and there are plenty out there!

That's why I've developed this breakthrough program. I want to help you get back on track to achieving the results you deserve in your micro business.
Cas McCullough
Why Work With Me?
My name is Cas McCullough. I am the author of Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, Entrepreneurship, and Making the Leap and the founder of Content Marketing Cardiology. With more than 20 years of corporate communications experience under my belt, I now partner with SMEs and organisations as a content strategist and digital marketing consultant.

After struggling to find my business feet, in 2012 I turned around my own business using the strategies I share in this program.

In 2014, my business was named one of Australia's 100 coolest companies in the Anthill Cool Company Awards. I earn a full-time income working part-time, while home schooling and solo parenting my 3 boys. It can be done! Let me show you how!-- No BS, no crazy schemes, no preaching from ivory towers!

Session 1: How to create a brand that appeals to your right buyers, so you don't waste time and money on people who will never buy from you.

Session 2: How to identify the gaps in your marketing and set up a lead generation system that works to consistently attract your ideal customers.

Session 3: Proven social media marketing techniques and strategies you can implement on any platform to increase engagement and attract more customers.

Session 4: How to size up services, consultants and mentors so you can invest in your business growth wisely and where to find quality software and tools.

Session 5: How to recognise and avoid common business pitfalls and make the most of opportunities for growth, and

How to overcome overwhelm, and confidence killers so you can reach your potential as an entrepreneur.
After these 5 sessions you walk away with a step-by-step, tailored action plan you can implement immediately to improve your business performance in 2015.
What Business Owners Say About Working With Me
betsy mills
"Thank you for the session Cas! I felt so comfortable with you as we worked together. I was feeling overwhelmed by the numerous aspects of the business side of my practice and came away knowing where I had to make changes and fill in gaps. It was great to receive your report a few days later with the content of our discussions. Thanks Cas.
Betsy Mills.”
Betsy Mills, Individual & Family Therapist
"Since working with Cas, I have not only defined my business, but my own self, even though I have been working in my field for 15 years or more. Our company has a greater sense of identity, awareness and confidence. We are moving down a path of being more brand-conscience and putting ourselves in a more deserved position within our market niche, where we get recognition for our superior performance.

If you are still wondering whether to invest your time to work with Cas, I would say just go ahead and do it. Her ability to communicate over a range of business types and zero in on what needs focusing on in your client picture is quite canny. She will change your outlook and point you toward better results in a surprisingly short amount of time."
Daniel Pogson, Senior Analyst- Gresford Lands PTY LTD
"Adopting a range of Cas’ recommendations initially enabled an immediate impact. Reviewing those recommendations down the track reinforced the strategy and has proven to drive business to the website.”
Dave West, Founder, CTRL V
"I just wanted to say thank you very much for your Marketing Bootcamp, I found it extremely helpful and definitely worth the investment, I received much more than I had imagined. Thanks so much for your willingness to share your knowledge along with all your resources, I greatly appreciated it.”
Rozie Hawkins, Kinesiologist based in Sydney, Australia
karen hollenbach
"Without any investment in advertising, I have adopted some of the key elements of the self study program and you were right! My phone does now ring as a result of the content I share on my blog and LinkedIn. Thank you!”
Karen Hollenbach, Certified B2B Trainer, coach, speaker and LinkedIn Strategist (www.thinkbespoke.com.au)
alison laverty
"The vision of my ideal client become so clear that it was easier for me to speak directly to them. Cas is a great mentor and is down to earth, sincere in her approach to help you and very knowledgeable. She has given me a wider vision to look at things differently, and she continues to give me support. You will have no regrets connecting with her and I highly recommend her. I have gained a deeper understanding of Content Marketing and that it is not really that scary or complicated as I had made it out to be.”
Alison Dias-Laverty, Founder, Photoshow on DVD
How the Program is Delivered
  • This is an intensive, bootcamp-style, small group program to get you into gear for the rest of 2015.
  • A 60 minute webinar Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9.30am AEST February 23, 25, March 2, 4 and 9
  • Recordings of all sessions will be available within 24 hours after each session.
  • Dedicated Facebook group for networking and support, to ask questions and get answers.
  • Worksheets, demo videos, articles and a heap of other resource links in the Course Portal on the Your Brilliant Un-Career website.
  • Bonus 1: A signed hardcopy of my book, Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, Entrepreneurship, and Making the Leap, sent to your address (please allow 4 weeks for delivery). A PDF version of the book will also be given to you so you have it at hand throughout the course.
  • Bonus 2: Storytelling for business teleclass with screen writer Katrina Graham.
  • Bonus 3: Attend the accelerator now and get a free pass to all future online Brilliant Un-Career accelerator programs to stay motivated!
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