What you can use the Queensland Home-based Business Grant for

Queensland Home Based Business GrantThe Queensland Government is granting $5000 grants to parents with children 12 and under, who want to start or grow a home based business. This is massive for work at home parents. Never before has government in Australia so openly supported the growth of home based businesses. The good news is, as this is the first round, the parameters for the grants are pretty broad.

You can read more about the grants here.

Here are a few ideas to help you decide what to use the Stage 1 grant (first $2500) for:

1. A marketing action plan

Many small businesses fall over when it comes to marketing. They either rely on old fashioned 20th century marketing and promotional techniques or they take a tactical approach and become exhausted in the process. Having a strong and sustainable marketing action plan can mean the difference between business success or falling flat on your face.

2. A business plan

A business plan helps you stay on track with your goals. Work with a consultant to establish your “why” and develop a plan to build your business model. Chapter 1 of Your Brilliant Un-Career talks about developing your “Why” and Chapters 2 to 3 cover business planning and business models.

3. IP advice

Use your grant to hire an IP lawyer to develop a plan to protect your brand.

4. Sales Strategy

Use your grant to hire a sales coach to help you fine tune your sales strategy and techniques.

5. Branding

Use your grant to hire a brand strategist to help you define or redefine your brand.

My content marketing consultancy can help with 1 and 5 but if you need referrals don’t hesitate to ask. you have until September 24th to get your application in. Don’t leave this money on the table!

And if you know of a Queensland parent who is looking to start a home based business or grow their current one, please help spread the word about the grant. This is too good an opportunity to pass up!