Women entrepreneurs, look after you!

It’s so easy to forget to look after yourself properly when you’re an entrepreneur, a mum, a kids taxi service, a partner (name your thing here!)

that moment when... you overdo it
That moment when you pour the cat food into your coffee cup!

This morning I woke up in a daze because I’ve been surviving on very little sleep while I prepare for my book launch. Not only am I launching the book but I’m also selling a house, looking after three kids, and doing client work. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

Yesterday, though, the kids and I took off for an afternoon at the beach. Sometimes your brain just needs a break.

So, I did this illustration this morning to remind myself (and you) to take a break!

Go for a walk. Book that hairdresser appointment. Go for a checkup at the Dr or Naturopath. Eat something nutritious. Be kind to yourself.