YBUC 49 Marketing Kazspa – How to Stand Out from the Crowd with an Online Course

azul terronez in the marketing kazspa hotseat

Book coach Azul Terronez jumps into the Marketing Kazspa hotseat to talk about how to stand out from the crowd when you put together an online course or program.

About the Podcast

your brilliant uncareer podcastIf you’ve thought about or recently made the leap into entrepreneurship, but you’re finding the journey overwhelming, I want to help you land on two feet and gracefully overcome the challenges that stand in your way. You can do it. You are doing it… as am I. We are in this together! Through the stories my guests and I share on Your Brilliant Un-Career, the Podcast, I aim to help you shift from stuck to inspired, from dreamer to doer.

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About Azul

Azul Terronnez coaches people who are terrified of writing but want to be a published author. He shows people how to overcome their FEAR of self-publishing- while making the writing process fun and easy. Azul knows the ins and outs of getting your book published, purchased and read.

He’s a best selling author and he has helped authors all over the world make their books a reality. Amongst Azul’s client list are seasoned writers like Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income and Dana Malstaff, of Boss-Mom.com.

And when he’s not writing or coaching other authors, Azul can be found relaxing in a yoga class or obsessing over tiny houses on Pinterest or just enjoying his family’s cute dogs, Scooter and Oliver. Oh, and Azul currently lives in Shanghai, China with his partner and daughter.

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  • Publishing a book builds authority, establishes credibility and even gives notoriety (in some cases)
  • Books tend to be the constant for people who are serious about growing their businesses
  • Azul shares that he wants to build relationships and reach people without being “spammy,” and wants to know how he can successfully transition from delivering one-on-one coaching into delivering a group coaching program.
  • Building relationships is key to not being “spammy”
  • Start with the “tribe” you already have
  • Create a subscriber incentive with an enticing lead magnet
  • Find out what your audience needs and what would be of most value to them
  • Use challenges to grow and engage your audience
  • Create the value and the content before asking people to invest in you (Give away something you would normally sell – Cheat sheet/checklist or Getting Started Guide)
  • Make progress by creating content in small chunks
  • People get frozen by their fear of a task that seems too big
  • Once you have established a mailing list, make the value of staying connected with you clear
  • Create a method or system to communicate continuous content (Blog or podcast)
  • Key elements to dominating your own unique niche:
    • Decide WHO you are trying to help
    • Determine what characteristics make up your core audience
    • Build authority and credibility by networking and collaborating with those who are already established
    • Be specific with your message (Don’t be a generalist)
  • Relate to your audience. They need to feel like you are speaking to them directly
  • People relate to people, not businesses or things
  • Have a deep understanding of your audience:
    • Likes/Dislikes
    • Approach possible objections from your core audience directly and proactively
    • Explore possible reasons your audience might object to your message. Explore that topic and address objections through a blog post or podcast
    • Use your “about me” section to tell a story so people feel like they are getting to know you personally
    • Be direct and honest about what you offer and how you can help
    • Build trust with your audience before pitching a product or service
  • Effectively find and market to your core audience
    • Create content that meets a need before they start the course
    • Create blog posts surrounding that need before launching
    • Advertise those posts in order to build a profile for your potential customer
  • Build value and trust. If it is a fit it will be an easy yes

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