YBUC44: Marketing Kazspa – How to make things right when you royally stuff up your email marketing


Cas McCullough and Karen Hardie discuss marketing faux pas, issues and trends in this new segment—The Marketing Kazspa! In today’s show we discuss the wrong and the right way to approach people with your brilliant new idea or product via email, common sense marketing, the power of vulnerability and how to make things right when you royally stuff up your marketing.

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About the Podcast

your brilliant uncareer podcastIf you’ve thought about or recently made the leap into entrepreneurship, but you’re finding the journey overwhelming, I want to help you land on two feet and gracefully overcome the challenges that stand in your way. You can do it. You are doing it… as am I. We are in this together! Through the stories my guests and I share on Your Brilliant Un-Career, the Podcast, I aim to help you shift from stuck to inspired, from dreamer to doer.

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About Cas

I am the author of Your Brilliant Un-Career and How to Create a Magnetic Marketing System, both available on Amazon. After a near death experience, in 2010 I founded my first startup and now juggle running a successful content marketing agency, a tech startup, and my online training programs from my Brisbane-based home office while solo parenting and home educating my three boys.

About Karen

I am, quite simply, a brandaholic. I have over 13 years’ branding and marketing experience working with a number of high profile brands (BMW, Nike, Coca-Cola, Panasonic to name a few). I’ve worked in a variety of different sectors – from FMCGs and Telecoms to Financials and Automotive – and across a number of disciplines, from Promotional and Shopper Marketing to Direct Marketing and Digital. My entrepreneurial journey began in 2011, when I decided to bring my ‘big brand’ experience to those businesses that have the hunger to make a real change, but need extra guidance on how to create a strategy which will help them to make that next leap.

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  • When we’re in our heads and in our own businesses we think we can bypass the pleasantries.
  • The important thing is to not assume that people 1. get the product and 2. get you.
  • There’s a whole questioning process that you can go on with an email sequence.
  • Even if you feel, as a business owner, you’ve nailed it, there’s still this piece of convincing your customer base that you understand them and that you get them.
  • People make mistakes. Let them know so they can correct their course.
  • None of us like to hear negative feedback but it can help them.
  • It’s really important to make it right.
  • When someone says you could approach things in a different way, that’s an opportunity to take important feedback on board.
  • It’s never too late to start building your audience.
  • If you’ve got good quality content, reach out to other podcasts, blogs etc to share your knowledge and expertise and add value to others’ audiences.
  • Spamming people gets them offside.
  • Gain the trust first and have the conversation on shared property then bring them back to your property before going into sales mode.
  • If people don’t trust you they won’t touch your product with a barge pole.
  • Admit your mistake and make it right. People like hearing that. People like being heard.
  • We shouldn’t be too harsh with people. We all make mistakes.
  • The days of broadcast marketing are well over. When you’re vulnerable, people like that and warm to that.
  • Common sense marketing: How would you like to be treated yourself?
  • Would I like to receive this?
  • Sometimes we are too close to our own brands.
  • Collaborating is awesome!

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