YBUC52 – 31 Days to Biztopia – Day 9: Make a Difference — Crowdfunding magic with Khierstyn Ross

YBUC52 - 31 Days to Biztopia - Day 9: Make a Difference — Crowdfunding magic with Khierstyn Ross

There are simple things anyone can do to make a difference and as a business owner, you don’t need a lot of money or even time. Just look for the small opportunities to give and pay it forward all around you. In today’s episode, Khierstyn Ross and I talk about making a difference through crowdfunding. May today inspire you to see where you can pay it forward to a new startup or a cause that matters to you! Don’t forget to check out today’s challenge in the show notes.

About the Podcast

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About Khierstyn

Khierstyn helps project creators raise funds through Indiegogo and Kickstarter. In fact, she has raised $1.1 million cumulative between 3 campaigns. Most recently with Pavlok in Boston. She’s the host of Crowdfunding Uncut Podcast and has been on the entrepreneurship track since leaving college.

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  • When money is tight and people are cynical about giving money to big charities, it can feel hard to give or that your giving will make a difference. Yet, giving is in your nature.
  • Neuroscience studies show that when you give to others, it releases feel-good hormones into your bodies and the atmosphere around you.
  • Author and researcher Peter Singer identified 6 reasons why people don’t give in his book The Life You Can Save: How to do your part to end world poverty (2010).
  • People don’t like to give to strangers.
    • People tend to give more to causes closest to home.
    • A sense of futility.
    • The assumption that someone else will take care of it.
    • A sense of fairness.
    • Ironically, being wealthy.
  • There are better tools available now to make it so that anyone can launch something online.
  • Crowdfunding levels the playing field. Crowdfunding allows you to do a marketing campaign on a crowd funding platform and if people love your idea they can support your product.
  • Raise money around a goal.
  • Mentions Tesla car launch.
  • Mentions the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.
  • Khierstyn’s first crowd funding campaign was a disaster but they rejigged the campaign and the second time around it was a huge success, raising $600K.
  • Just don’t quit.
  • Mistakes
    • We made a bunch of assumptions. We didn’t talk to people and get their perspective. We alienated a lot of people.
    • We didn’t get enough eyeballs on the page. We had no audience to launch to.
  • It’s important to develop your audience early.
  • You have to start somewhere. Start building your audience now.
  • You have to prove that people will have a need for the product you will sell.
  • Define what you want to do with a crowd funding campaign.
  • Be specific.
  • Next question: Why would people support something like this? Why would someone care about it?
  • Has anyone else done what you are doing? Analyse their campaigns.
  • Cas Mentions the crowdfunding campaign that saved the Tivoli Drive-in (a community-run driven in her hometown).
  • Crowdfunding can help put pressure on funding bodies to back your cause and it makes them look really good so it’s win win.
  • Khierstyn says that if she could change anything in the world, she would make entrepreneurship more attainable so people could be happier in their work life.

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Day 9 Challenge

Find an idea you like on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter, Pozible or Indiegogo and pledge your support. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just something. Even better, tell your friends what you’re doing and support the project as a group.

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