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Does hair get lighter after dying it without bleaching first?

bleaching stepIf you are the one who got the hair color done and it get lighter after dying it without bleaching. This is because the bleach is the initial step that cannot be skipped if you want to get long-lasting results. Somehow, you have skipped getting bleached; then, you might need to change or get re-touch on your hair often. Such situations will enable you to invest more money, for being at the safer side, it will be helpful for you to get your hair bleached initially and then begin the coloring process.

Hair color changing has become a trend nowadays; almost every one of us has tried different colors on hair that makes every one of us to enhance the personality. But if you want sustainable and durable results, it will be beneficial for you to get highlights on permanent colored hair. This is how you can keep the hair color for a prolonged period as rare people know that the highlights are durable more than the hair color. Preferably have a look at the following description to unveil more facts about the hair coloring.

Things to know about the bleaching step and hair color:

  • Bleaching:

When it comes it the hair color, there are several steps that need to take place, but the initial and the most important step is bleaching. The bleaching is the process that makes the natural hair color lighter so that the person can get their desired hair treatment. This is the most important step, but only a few people know that the highlights without bleach can be durable. There are numerous hair products available which are offering the users with such type of facility.

  • Makes the hair color durable:

If you have done the bleaching step initially, then there are more chances for your hair to last up to a certain period. The bleach that needs to be applied to hair is different from that which is applicable for the face; the hair bleach makes the natural hair texture and color lighter. The new hair color can be durable, and the person doesn’t need to prefer getting hair color often.

The closure

Bleaching is one of the important steps that need to take place to get your desired hair color up to a specific period. This is how you can reduce the chances of re-touch and hair color procedure that needs to be done often.

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