make the nail polish durable:

How can you make your nail polish last longer with the help of vinegar?

applying vinegarThe DIY nails are the dream of every girl that they can get the salon-like results at home, but some people are unaware of the fantastic factors of the vinegar. The nail salons are available for people who are diehard fans of nail art, but these salons are expensive. Some of us are unable to visit there often and get our nails done, though you can apply any nail polish at home, it might not be durable compared to the arctic nails.

Hence, you can opt for several DIY facts that allow you to get sustainable nails and salon-like results at home. Some of the DIY suggests you apply specific oils on your nails and cuticles in order to make the nails long-lasting, but the oil grease might irritate the whole day. So here we are with an amazing wonder that is the vinegar. The vinegar makes nail polish last longer, yes! You read that right; you can prefer applying vinegar on your in an effective manner. Check out the following elaboration:

Vinegar application will help you to make the nail polish durable:

  • Opt for the branded vinegar:

There are several brands available when it comes to vinegar, but you need to get the one that has been manufactured by a reliable brand. Hence, the brand doesn’t matter the most, but it will enable you to be safer as you can keep nail polish on longer. The branded vinegar is more reliable and considerable that you can prefer applying it on your gentle cuticles and nails.

  • Prefer applying vinegar with the help of cotton balls or pads:

You need to dip the cotton balls or pads into the vinegar before the application so that it soaks up and can apply it according to your convenience. Once you are done with the vinegar application, you might smell the awful vinegar fragrance from your hands. In order to remove it effectively, you need to dip your fingers into the bowl for water and keep your fingers there up to a certain period. Soaking fingernails in vinegar will enable your nail polish to become durable, and you don’t need to apply it that often.

The conclusion

We are here along with the closure that the vinegar has several surprising facts that can make your nail polish more durable, and you can sustain your desired results up to a specified period.

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